Transport operators should have a moral obligation to reduce their carbon footprint post Covid-19, says Alex Knowles

Alex Knowles August 26, 2020

After a sizeable reduction of pollution and greenhouse emissions in recent months due to the pandemic, transport operators will be put under even greater pressure to help reduce emissions and improve their carbon footprint.

But to have a tangible impact in reducing our carbon footprint a green environmental policy needs to extend throughout the industry and be wholly embraced by all transport operators.

With over ½ million trucks (check) and four million vans on Britain’s roads, the transport industry has a significant impact on the environment and whilst there is an increasing requirement for operating ‘clean’ vehicles across the UK, this is only half the story.

As operators, we have a moral obligation to try to do everything we can to steadily reduce CO2 emissions and improve our carbon footprint to reverse the potentially irreversible effects of climate change and protect the environment for generations to come.

Upgrading fleets to Euro 6 will make significant inroads as will implementing a transport management and tracking system technology to ensure drivers take the most fuel-efficient routes.

Gas powered vehicles too will progressively be more widely used and considered as a more viable option once the reliability of LNG and refuelling infrastructure expands. Furthermore, Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are attracting a lot of investment from certain manufacturers and could also provide a realistic future alternative to diesel.

However, energy efficient vehicles are only one piece of the jigsaw.   An effective environmental policy needs to go beyond the road and extend throughout the operation from the warehouse, workshop and through to the office.

Investment in renewable energy projects such solar, thermal insulation and roof and LED energy efficient lighting are just a few examples of what can be done to further reduce greenhouse emissions even more.

Together we can make a difference and as transport is a major contributor to global warming, we have a duty to do so.

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